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Negative Scanning

We hand scan each and every negative. We NEVER use feeders or automatic scanners which can jam, possibly ruining your irreplaceable negative. Each scan is carefully reviewed, rotated to the proper orientation, and color corrected as necessary. All of this is included in our basic price.

Many of our competitors charge a steep price for all of these “extras”. When comparing prices, remember to check out all the hidden fees. And check how and where they do the scanning. We do all our scanning here in the US – no offshore work and no subcontracting. And no automatic machine feeders. The safety of your images is a top priority for us!

Check out our Slide and Photo Scanning Services, too!

Supported Formats

We can scan most types of negatives including 35mm and other popular sizes. We can even handle “professional” type negatives, both medium and large format.

Number of Negatives
2000 DPI 3000 DPI

1-999 50¢ Each 75¢ Each
Over 1,000 45¢ Each 68¢ Each

Medium Format
larger than 35mm & smaller than 4x5
1200 DPI 2400 DPI 3200 DPI

1-999 $5.00 Each $7.50 Each $10.00 Each

Large Format
4x5 to 8x10
1200 DPI 2400 DPI 3200 DPI

4 x 5 $10.00 Each $12.50 Each $15.00 Each
8 x 10 $20.00 Each $25.00 Each $30.00 Each
*Minimum charge applies

  • All files are rotated to proper orientation at no charge.
  • DVDs or CDs: Your first DVD or CD is included in our prices. Add $4 per additional disc.
  • Folder and File Naming: We will name the folders based on your information and use a sequential numbering system to name each file within each folder at no charge. For example, “Mary & John’s Wedding” is the name of the folder, and files within that folder will be "Mary & John’s Wedding_001”, “Mary & John’s Wedding_002”, etc.
  • File Format: Files are in JPEG format. If you would like TIFF files please add 35¢ more.
  • Basic Restoration: For most manual color corrections for faded or over/under-exposed photos, the cost is included in our prices. We manually check and adjust each image.
  • Advanced Restoration: MicroAdvantage can perform additional restoration such as fixing deep/wide scratches, scuffs, or damage from tape/glue. Normally this is done on an hourly basis, starting at $25 per half hour.

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