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Safe Shipping and Handling


How to Safely Pack and Ship Your Photos, Slides, and Negatives.



  • Place loose items in zippered plastic bags. You may wish to place the bags in envelopes or folders for extra protection.
  • If you have a photo album, please wrap it securely and carefully with bubble wrap and then place it in a large, clean plastic garbage bag.


  • If you have carousels or slide holders, you can send them in as is. However, they are heavy, so if you are going to ship your slides, we recommend removing them from the holders to keep shipping costs low.
  • Empty aluminum foil boxes make great slide holders! You can rubber band the slides together by group or put a little sticky note where you want a new group to begin.


  • The best way to ship negatives is to keep them in the photo envelopes they came in. Put the envelopes inside of zippered plastic bags.
  • Place everything carefully into a STURDY cardboard box. Use a shipping service that tracks your package, such as UPS or FedEx. Both companies offer Ground service that is relatively inexpensive.

Ship to:

MicroAdvantage, Inc.
16692 Hale Avenue, Suite B
Irvine, CA 92606



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