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Compare our service, then compare prices.

  1. Quality – That’s job one in our business. Every photo, slide and negative is carefully & individually scanned, with all work being done here in the USA by professional technicians. We treat your photos as if they were our own, plus our prices are some of the lowest in the industry.
  2. Safety - When comparing prices, be sure to check where the work is done. Many of our competitors use cheap labor in other countries, not only taking jobs from workers in the US but possibly risking damage to your photos. All of our work is performed here in the USA, in our own secure & monitored facility by technicians with decades of experience who will treat your photos with the utmost care. Do you want your irreplaceable family photos being sent off in a shipping crate, landing who knows where and maybe in the middle of the monsoon season? Is that risk worth a few cents more per precious photo?
  3. Value – We include just about everything in our already low prices: scanning, color-correction, file naming, & picture rotation. We scan your images in the order you want and we’ll scan just about any size. Some competitors have a “price per 1,000” photos but when you read the fine print and add on all the extras, the price comes out far more expensive than our price-per-photo. Plus they use machine-fed scanners and take up to 8 weeks to get your pictures back. Read the fine print and then choose our Quality & Value.

Compare equipment, then compare prices.

We use the highest quality flatbed scanners on the market. We don’t use “document” or “automatic” scanners that can possibly bend or tear your precious photos. High grade scanning costs a little more but you won’t risk damage to your photos. Plus, the file output is head and shoulders above what you will get with a document or desktop scanner. If you want quality results, choose a company that uses quality equipment.

If you’ve found a company that will scan at bargain basement prices, most likely they are using a machine-fed scanner or they are sending your precious memories out of the country, or both. Make sure to ask them. Or ask us how we treat your family photos – we give them the personal attention and care they deserve!

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We’re so proud of our high-quality scans that we want you to try us FREE. Send us up to five photos or slides or negatives for a free trial scan. Judge our quality for yourself.

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