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About Us


Four important reasons to let MicroAdvantage™ handle your document imaging project


1. Expertise

    When you are planning to convert thousands and thousands of documents, you have to get it right the first time. MicroAdvantage™ is an information services company specializing in electronic document and media management. Since 1985 MicroAdvantage™ professionals have been successfully completing complex and high-volume document imaging & scanning projects on-time and within budget.

2. Specialization

    MicroAdvantage™ provides a broad range of services including the conversion of paper and film-based files, technical manuals, engineering/architectural or manufacturing drawings, and bar-coded documents to any image, OCR, or database format, delivered on any optical, magnetic, CD-ROM media, through the Internet or company Intranet. We also provide high speed Print on Demand of scanned documents that require frequent updating, such as technical manuals or directories. Our Print on Demand services provide enormous advantages in document management, speed accuracy, flexibility, reduced storage, and streamlined costs. And if you are in need of document systems, consultants, analysts, and programmers, we can help too!

3. Tailored Solutions

    Every conversion project has unique requirements. We tailor a scanning solution to each client’s requirements. Our employees are specialized in imaging, database management, network development, and word processing. And we continually research and invest in updated technology to provide our customers with the best possible product.

4. Commitment

    Quality assurance and customer service are the focus of our company ensuring that the end product we provide will be of the highest quality. We have satisfied clients from diverse business sectors including aerospace; government; professional corporations (law firms and physicians); engineering; and the service sector (restaurants and retail trades). Our expertise in document management has grown steadily and we know we can provide a solution for your document imaging project

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