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MicroAdvantage, Inc. document scanning and imaging; corporate offices in Irvine, California
MicroAdvantage™, Inc.
16692-B Hale Ave
Irvine, CA 92606-5031
Phone: (949) 955-9111
Fax: (949) 955-9191


Internet Document Repository


    Imagine taking your business to new heights by leveraging new technologies without the high costs associated with them. Imagine a breakthrough in document management technology that will change the way your company distributes its information. Imagine a huge, off-site, completely secure repository of all your documents, ready to be delivered anywhere in the world by a simple, secure keystroke. We at MicroAdvantage™ are working to make it all possible.
    As a leading document management service, we are now offering a cutting edge solution to the problems that have haunted businesses for decades: how to manage the millions of documents created each year; how to retrieve volumes of information instantaneously; and how to distribute archived reports and images to multiple destinations in a secure environment without the capital expense of any additional hardware or software. Our revolutionary technology allows you to access your documents and images as quickly as they are created through any Web-browser.
    MicroAdvantage™ can provide the means to create, store, and retrieve data housed in an online database. This gives your staff global accessibility to the information while it is maintained in a secure organized manner. And our security measures, including firewall protection, encryption on the web server, and password authentication at login, are designed to prevent unauthorized access to your information.
    Simply put, MicroAdvantage™ can provide you with access to any document, anywhere, anytime.
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