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What is document imaging? Document imaging is the process of capturing, storing and retrieving your paper- or film-based documents in an electronic format, often on CD-ROM.
What are the benefits of document imaging? Some of the benefits include:
  • Provides immediate and easy access to documents.
  • Increased productivity.
  • Provides disaster recovery.
  • Speeds responses to inquiries, both internal and external.
  • Allows documents to be faxed or e-mailed from your PC.
  • Reduces costs associated with copying and transporting documents.
  • Improved information sharing.
  • Significantly reduces labor costs associated with retrieving filed documents.
  • Reduce the likelihood of losing a document.
As a service provider, what do you do? MicroAdvantage provides all the benefits of document imaging, without requiring dedicated employees and capital resources for the capture of documents. The documents are picked up at your office or shipped to us, prepared, scanned and indexed at our Irvine, CA location. We then provide you with the imaged documents on CD, and/or online.
What kinds of documents can you image? Any document that is frequently referred to should be imaged. Organizations typically want documents such as accounting records, customer related files, medical records, proposals, loan documents, signature cards, engineering drawings, or computer generated reports. Law firms capture documents associated with litigation and other vital internal and client records.
How are the indexes entered? The method of indexing is determined through discussions with each of our clients. Various methods include individually keying in each indexing field, using double key verification for greater accuracy, using bar codes, or using existing computer databases to electronically populate the indexes using a unique identifying field.
What kind of equipment is required? In most cases, existing computers and networks can support document images.
Is confidentiality an issue? Our clients include government sub-contractors, medical organizations, financial institutions and public utility companies. Each member of our imaging team understands the importance of confidentiality and has entered into a non-disclosure agreement.
Do we need retrieval software to view the images? Normally, no. We provide you with files in Adobe Acrobat PDF format, and most likely your computers can read them as they are.
Can previously imaged documents be included in the MicroAdvantage solution? Often previously imaged documents can be converted to the newly installed system; however, this is an area that requires a review of existing systems to determine how the system integration can be achieved.
What type of network is required? What is the format of images and indexes once finished? MicroAdvantage delivers images and indexes in a variety of formats depending on the client’s preferences. The native format is Group IV multi-page TIFF images or Adobe Acrobat PDF with a Microsoft Access/Excel database index.
How can we further evaluate this? An initial discussion with MicroAdvantage will help to understand your specific workflow, and indentify the areas and processes that could be improved through the use of document imaging. As part of your evaluation, samples of your documents can be scanned and indexed for a demonstration of the document viewer.
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