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Ok, so you know you want to scan your documents, but how are you going to find them on the CD? The answer is easy with Kofax Image Products. Kofax is the leader in the development of imaging software.

The Ascent Capture Process - scanning your documents for imaging and data capture

Ascent Capture

The World Leader in Data And Document Capture


  • VRS image processing
    • Allows scanning of different colors and shades of documents in a single batch
    • Perfect images no matter what the document type
  • Documents are scanned either locally or remotely in batches
  • Automatic recognition dramatically reduces the requirement for manual data entry
  • Line removal and image processing can increase recognition accuracy by 100% or more
  • Fast, heads-up data entry for zones that can't be automatically recognized
  • Acscent Capture is designed to ensure data accuracy in two different ways
    • Double key entry
    • Automatic data validation

Ascent Capture Software for Document Scanning, Imaging, and Indexing

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